and we will be as one god

I am always in searching of new friends and interesting sites, so if you're interested, please read on~

1) I would prefer if you have your own domain.
2) This site must primarily serve as a collective.
3) Your collective must have sites with actual content - shrines, graphics sites, portfolios, etc. and not just fanlistings and blogs. I will not accept fanlisting collectives or blogs.
4) Please be around my skill level in designing. Judge yourself accordingly.
5) Please have somewhat similar interests to me.
6) I'd like if we were already friends, but if not, please make an attempt to become my friend.

Link Exchange
1) It must be a collective or domain of some sort.
2) I will accept fl collectives and personal sites.
3) Your site can have whatever subject is of interest to you.
4) If I don't accept your affiliation application, I will most likely offer to be your link exchange instead.

Still interested? Please contact me via the form with the appropriate subject or email me directly.