always two steps behind

Can you teach me how to do/help me with/make me something?
I run a graphics site called Invisus Designs which provides a variety of designs and resources avaliable to the general public. If you are a close friend, I would be more than glad to help. Otherwise, my services are unavaliable.

Can I use your layout/graphics for my own purposes?
Unless if otherwise stated, my graphics are made for my usage only. However, if you are interested in my work, again, I have made graphics for general use at Invisus.

Can we be friends?
I enjoy meeting and talking to new people. However, if you have hidden intentions, don't bother. I like friends, not leeches.

What do you use to make your sites?
I currently use Adobe Photoshop CS2 to design my graphics and code my layouts with Notepad. My sites are uploaded using Filezilla.

Why don't you update "insert site name here" more?
Because I have many sites to manage, I don't always have the time to devote to them equally.

May I link this site?
Of course! is link free. If you'd like, feel free to drop me a note, and I might link back as well.

Do you do affliates/siblings/link exchanges?
Siblings are for people I know well. I might affiliate (though and I picky) and will link exchange if you contact me and ask.

Will you host my site?
Hosting at is by invite only. Check, Reikou's host, for hosting options.

May I stalk you?
Please, no.

How do you pronunce "Kyuu"?
Key-oo. And while we're at it, I'm not "Kyou."

Will be part of my staff or work on/build a site for me?
I will not build a site for you. I have too many projects to manage by myself. If find a project by you I am interested, I will contact you myself.

Did I not answer your question? Feel free contact me about it.