a tragedy in the making

Kyuu is the online alias of a girl with a hard-to-pronounce Chinese name who often goes by Amy in real life. Born to two Chinese parents in Jiangsu province on December 23, 1989, she later moved to America and grew up in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Her education currently consists of completig her degree at Johns Hopkins University, where she's a Public Health Studies and Psychological and Brain Sciences major. She has lofty dreams to practice medicine one day.

Kyuu has no real hobbies except maybe art, photography, writing, webdesign, music, reading and... oh wait. She also spends a ridiculously large amount of time sleeping, which she does when she's not awake. If you haven't caught on yet, she tends to be sarcastic.

Other than that, Kyuu is a fairly ordinary girl who likes to spend her time with friends or fangirling about ridiculous things. Did she mention she's a BL fangirl yet? And likes bunnies. A lot.

She often likes to chronicle her terribly exciting life in her friends-only livejournal Conviction. Feel free to poke her if you're interested.

...though she doubts you would be after reading this.