fallen from blinding heights

This is the section that contactins my precious projects, the heart and soul of this collective. Recently, I began to clear out a large number of inactive sites that I had lost interest in, and thus this section has become small again. Please bear with me as I expand this section once again.

The main page contains my main active projects, but there is a navigation at the bottom should you be interested in additional things, including fanlistings and personal sites.

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ambitions like bright ribbons

A small list of other places you might be likely to find me, if you wish to do such.

South of Reality - houses [fan]fiction and writing
Catharsis - icon dumps and miscellaneous graphics
endless happiness - personal tumblr; 80% kitties and bunnies, 20% fangirling
Eats Chocolate & Reads Porn - fanfic recs tumblr; very classy as you can probably tell
affronts @ twitter - I have many important thoughts that need to be shared